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Refinancing Your Home Loan in Sydney

Home loan refinancing is the process of moving your current home loan balance from your current bank to a different lender, usually to get a better deal or access extra features. However, refinancing your home loan can also involve fees and risks. And sometimes, the costs could outweigh the benefits.

How can you benefit from refinancing your home loan?

Save money on interests

With better interest rates, you’ll pay less each month and save money that you can use to pay off your loan sooner.

Enjoy bonus features

With home loan refinancing, you may be entitled to different features and add-ons such as redraw facilities or flexible payments.

Access equity

You may use the equity in your home to borrow money to renovate your home, purchase an investment property, improve your lifestyle with a new car or a holiday.

Easier repayments

You can also consolidate debts such as a personal loan, car loan or credit card into your mortgage so it’s easier to manage your finances.

How much will it cost you to own a car?

Your owner-occupied home loan repayments

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6.14% p.a.
6.14% p.a.

Should you refinance your home loan in Sydney?

Before refinancing to another lender our specialist lender will do the following things first.

Negotiate with your current lender

You may be able to get a better interest rate from your current lender without switching loans. This will help you save time and money.

Compare the loan term

Switching to a new loan may extend the length of your repayment period, which means you’ll pay more interest in the long run. Try to find a loan with a similar or shorter term than your current one.

Check the equity and LMI

If you have less than 20% equity in your home, you may have to pay lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) again when you switch loans. This can be a significant cost that may outweigh the benefits of refinancing.

Compare the fees and features

Switching loans may involve paying application fees, exit fees, valuation fees, and other charges. Make sure you compare these fees with the potential savings from a lower interest rate. Also, compare the features of different loans, such as offset accounts, redraw facilities, and flexibility of repayments.

If all these sound overwhelming, we can help you find out if it’s the right time to switch your home loan and which lender to switch to.

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Why Lend & Loan

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Frequently Asked Questions

The right time to refinance depends on your financial objectives. It's often a good idea when interest rates are lower than your current rate or when you want to change your loan terms.

Costs may include application fees, appraisal fees, closing costs, and potentially prepayment penalties. It's essential to weigh these costs against potential savings. How do I qualify for a refinance? Lenders consider factors like credit score, income, home equity, and debt-to-income ratio when determining eligibility for refinancing.
Fixed-rate loans offer stable payments, while variable-rate loans can be lower initially but may fluctuate. The choice depends on your risk tolerance and future rate expectations.
Cash-out refinancing allows you to tap into your home's equity, while rate-and-term refinancing focuses on changing the interest rate or loan terms without cashing out.
On average, it takes about 30 to 45 days to complete a refinance, but the timeline can vary depending on the lender and individual circumstances. We will manage all this for you.
It's possible, but a lower credit score may result in higher interest rates or more limited options. We can provide you with more information specific to your situation to ensure you understand all of your options.
Yes, you can refinance with a lower home value, but it may affect your loan-to-value ratio and the terms you're eligible for.
Generally, there are no tax implications for refinancing, but you should consult with a tax professional for specific advice regarding your situation.
If you're having difficulties, contact your lender to discuss options like loan repayment pauses. Refinancing may be a solution if it helps reduce your monthly payments.
We earn a commission from the lender when your loan is settled. This is not deducted from your total loan amount, this is paid by the lender directly for introducing the loan.
No, you don't need a perfect credit score, but a higher credit score provides more options. We work with clients with a range of credit scores and can guide you on improving your credit if necessary to qualify for better loan terms.
Generally, lenders want a 20% deposit for the purchase of a property, however, we have many lenders who can accept a 5% deposit. We also have 0% deposit options.
Each bank has different Service Level Agreements (SLAS). However, generally within 2-3 business days.
The required documents vary, but common ones include proof of income, bank statements, tax returns, and identification. We'll provide you with a checklist and help you gather everything needed for your application.
Absolutely. We assist with various mortgage types, including fixed-rate, variable-rate and split loans to best align with your needs.
We do not charge upfront fees to borrowers. Our earnings come from the lender once the loan is secured. Due to increased demand for our services, we may charge you a fixed fee for Pre-approval as they do require significant resources and time to obtain. Many lenders have moved away from providing pre-approvals as 8 in 10 pre-approvals don’t proceed to a purchase.