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Getting a construction home loan in Sydney

A construction home loan is a type of financing specifically designed for individuals like you or entities who are building or undertaking major renovations on a property. 


Unlike a regular home loan where the full amount is disbursed at once, a construction loan is typically drawn down in stages. This means you only pay interest on the portion of the loan you’ve used.


In Sydney, lenders typically require a fixed-price contract from a licensed builder and will evaluate the builder’s qualifications, building plans, and property valuation to determine the loan amount. As construction advances, funds are released in “progressive drawdowns”, with lenders verifying each stage’s completion. 


Once construction is finalized, the loan usually shifts to a standard home loan format, leading to regular principal and interest repayments. 


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How can you benefit from construction home loans?

Staged Funding

With construction loans, you borrow money in parts as the building progresses. This means you're only borrowing when you need it, potentially saving you money.

Interest-Only Payments

While building, many lenders let you pay just the interest, meaning lower payments than if you were repaying the borrowed amount too.


Construction loans are tailored for building, offering leeway for any changes or unexpected delays during construction.

How much will it cost you build a home?

Your owner-occupied home loan repayments

Property type:
Repayment type:

Your estimated repayments:

Principal and interest period
Variable interest rate:
Comparison rate:
Total interest payable:
6.14% p.a.
6.14% p.a.

Things to consider before getting a construction home loan

Certainly, as with any loan, construction home loans come with their own set of risks for borrowers. Here are some of the primary concerns:

Cost Overruns

Building projects can sometimes go over budget due to unforeseen complications, material cost increases, or changes to the original plan. If the loan amount doesn’t cover these extra costs, you’ll need to find additional funds elsewhere.

Construction Delays

Delays can arise from bad weather, contractor disputes, or permit issues. A prolonged construction period could increase the total interest you’ll pay during the interest-only phase or even lead to higher costs.

Change in Financial Circumstances

If your financial situation changes during construction (e.g., job loss), you might find it challenging to manage the loan, especially when it converts to principal and interest repayments.

Interest Rate Changes

Since construction can take a significant amount of time, there’s a possibility that interest rates might rise during the build. If you haven’t fixed your rate, higher rates can increase your repayment amounts.

Lower Final Valuation

At the end of construction, the property might be valued lower than expected. This could impact your loan-to-value ratio (LVR) and might require you to pay lender’s mortgage insurance or find additional funds.

End of Interest-Only Period

Once construction is completed, the loan often switches from interest-only payments to principal and interest. This transition can lead to a significant jump in monthly repayments, which you need to be prepared for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction loans are drawn down in stages as construction milestones are achieved, such as slab completion, roof installation, and interior finishing. After each stage, the lender releases the funds required for the next phase.

Yes, but most lenders require the builder to be licensed and have a fixed-price building contract. It's essential to ensure your builder meets the lender's criteria to avoid complications.

Typically, the interest-only period lasts for the duration of the construction, which can be 12 months or longer, depending on the project. After completion, the loan usually reverts to a principal and interest repayment structure.

If costs exceed the approved amount, you'll be responsible for covering the additional expenses, either through personal savings or by renegotiating your loan, which may not always be possible.

While it's possible to make changes, it might affect the loan agreement and lead to additional costs. It's essential to communicate any changes to both the lender and the builder.

Construction delays can increase the overall cost and extend the interest-only payment period. It's crucial to have a contingency plan and communicate with your lender about any significant delays.

Once construction is completed, the loan typically converts to a standard home loan, and you'll start making regular principal and interest repayments.